When you own a website it’s vitally important to recognise the value of well-written and edited online content. 

It doesn’t matter if the communication is an intro paragraph, interview, product article or content explaining your offerings, if readers find your words difficult to understand or discover grammar and spelling errors, they will likely gain the impression you are sloppy at what you do, or your business is unprofessional.

Don’t create a negative first impression

Spelling errors can dampen your message, especially when found in a headline. Therefore, try to be thorough with your proofreading BEFORE you publish anything. Sure, you can run a spell check, but ensure the language used is English (Australian) and not US. Also note that spell-check programs are fairly general and will not pick up all errors, nor will they recognise many words in the Aussie vernacular. After all, the Australian Macquarie Dictionary is updated every year, while spell-check programs are not and contain a limited word list.

If you truly want to elevate your content, consider hiring a professional editor, who will guarantee your communications are error-free and read well. A professional editor will also consider SEO.

Good editing is a very simple method of helping a business to engage more meaningfully with readers and/or potential clients.

When was the last time you took a good look at your business communications? Are they easily understood and error-free? Or do they need refining, or perhaps even updating?

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